This is a quick step by step manual how to buy your first Bot coin ($BOT).
If you want to know more about the background and use cases for $BOT, check this article on

Step 1: Create a Rally Account

Go to to create an account.

Creating your Rally Account

You will receive a verification code on your email.
Logging in will ask you to complete your profile with your name.
Since Rally is relatively new, your preferred username might still be available…

Now your account is ready to go!

Step 2: Finding $BOT

Your portfolio is showing $0 now. That is what we will change straight away. Select Discover Creator coins, and search for BOT (or click this link to go there directly).

Detail page of $BOT coin. These numbers are a snapshot of the situation on March 19, 2021

You are now on the details page of $BOT. Lots of numbers and information. Feel free to browse around later. But for now, let’s focus on buying your first $BOT.

Step 3: Buying your first $BOT

Click on the ‘Buy’ button. You get the option to buy by (credit) card or use another cryptocurrency. Buying with other crypto currencies can result in lower fees. But for simplicity, we will choose the card option. Spoiler alert: credit card fees apply.

Choose the amount of USD you want to buy $BOT for and enter your card details. You will receive an overview of the total cost, before you make the actual buy. If you are OK with the statement, click ‘BUY’.

Steps of buying $BOT

Step 4: Learn together with the community

Congratulations! You just bought your first $BOT! With this, you are one of the early adopters. At the moment of writing this article, there are 138 accounts that have $BOT.

There are many initiatives underway to build use cases with this new coin. Think about showing appreciation to people who help you out, paying for subscriptions or attending events. Examples of this are being led by, Modev, Jovo, VoiceLunch, VoiceBrew, Announcr and many others.

Voice and Chatbot Creators Get Behind $BOT Coin (image

I expect to see more and more use cases being opened up in the near future. There is a very active Discord server on the latest news around $BOT. If you want to join us there to get the latest updates firsthand, let me know.

Creating experiences, Voice-First and inclusion… As a Conversational Designer and Voice-First Technologist, I am pursuing a world where every voice is heard.

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